Gamer Logic – Just Keeps Getting Better

It doesn’t need to make sense all the time

I don’t know about you awesome people reading this but I have come up with a conclusion from my years of gaming, this nugget of wisdom is ‘It’s a video game, it doesn’t need to make any real sense.’. Regardless of what game it is, the genre it is based on or any other variant – gamer logic exists and let’s get a cheeky peek at some examples.

At some point in our gaming life, we have become cornered by the undead. Impending doom is here so what do you do, this is your last chance so make it count. Forget about those high powered weapons that promise instant death, reach for the ‘Singing Monkey’ and survival is guaranteed.

logic 1

Next up is ‘Mortal Kombat’, a high intensity fighting masterpiece except for one slight problem. You can give (or take depending on how good you are) the worst beating ever, limbs can be lost and bones can be broken but these are nothing more than superficial as long as they happen in round one. The moment round two starts, hey presto you are the killing machine again.

logic 2

Have you played ‘Far Cry 4’? If so, you can agree it is extremely good. You need to have your wits about you at all times, anything and everything can attack you at anytime. Here’s a slight issue though, what do you do when a poisonous snakes bites you? Simples, just grab a bandage and it’s like it never happened.

logic 3

How many of you ride motorbikes, I see one or two of you nodding. Have you seen the magical bike used in GTA, it accelerates just how you want it to without having to use the accelerator. I knew motor vehicles were advanced, this really is something else.

logic 4

Next up is a game I quite like, but gamer logic shows itself in a style that suits the game in an odd way. There’s only one real way to heal a dinosaur in LEGO Jurassic World, give them some chocolate. Don’t worry about medicines and elixirs, a good old choccie bar is all you need.

logic 5

Have you played ‘The Witcher 3’, the main character is one mean mo fo to say the least. But everyone has a weakness, in this cause it is small drops. Not the most common weakness but then again, everyone is different.

logic 6

This next one is actually found by my daughter, she is a ‘Minecraft’ legend but at only 8 years old even she noticed this issue. What’s the best way to stop water from flowing into an area it’s not supposed to, how about a fence? Honestly, the water knows not to cross regardless of the huge holes.

logic 7

Up next is a gem from ‘Skyrim’, where no one intimidates anyone. If you’re not too sure what I mean, check out the gamer logic present here (I wouldn’t fancy my chances, but he who dares – wins).

logic 8

There’s no doubt about it, the ‘Assassin’s Creed’ series is one of the best out there. Surely the person that decided how much material is needed to make items was either way way out with the calculations or is seriously laughing his socks off. I suck when it comes to making things but even I can be less wasteful than this.

logic 10

Last but not least is another gamer logic from GTA, yes this is the second one but the game is huge. Instead of being focused on the people that cause the trouble, this time it’s focused on the people that try to stop it. My oh my, they go to any length to stop it – even if they know it doesn’t make sense.

logic 9

Hopefully you are now reading this paragraph with a smile on your face and a few laughs at some of the pictures, if not I am sorry but hopefully this brightened up your day a little. If you experience a true gamer logic moment, please let me know in the comments and it may well make it into the next post. If this wasn’t enough for you, check out the two previous gamer logic posts here and here for a few more laughs or WTF moments.

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