How To Unlock Cortana In The New Xbox One Experience

‘Hey Cortana, how do I find you in the New Xbox One Experience?’. Well I’m not Cortana, but I can tell you how to access her on the new UI.

Xbox recently announced that Cortana won’t arrive on Xbox One until 2016, but preview members using the update can access her now by going to the right area. Although Cortana is available, please keep in mind this is still in preview and can be a bit buggy.

Step 1: From the main dashboard, scroll to the left hand side menu and then down to the settings menu.


Step 2: From the settings menu, hover over All Settings and push up once. You’ll notice All Settings will no longer be highlighted.



Step 3: Once you see that “All Settings” is no longer highlighted push A. If nothing happens go back to Step 1 and repeat, but it should and will load up Cortana as you see in the picture below. It’s pretty simple to do and from then on you can give feedback.


Although Cortana is not fully functional yet, I’m sure the Xbox team would appreciate any feedback given through the Cortana app.

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7 thoughts on “How To Unlock Cortana In The New Xbox One Experience”

  1. #Cortana This worked a treat. But she comes up with not available in the region. Standard fare for Australia. ?

  2. Sketch says:

    My interface doesnt look like that at all… And yes i am in the preview program

  3. chrisarcade says:

    From the main menu..when I scroll to the left it takes me to my pins..I don’t get the screen shown on the screen shots

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