How you’ll decide Deus EX: Mankind Divided’s ending (no spoilers)

One of the criticisms levelled at the excellent Deus Ex: Human Revolution was its ending: without getting into spoilers, players were asked at the very end of the final level to pick between a selection of options which led to specific outcomes. The biggest complaint about this was how throughout the rest of the game Human Revolution gave you seemingly important decisions, yet the consequences of your choices never particularly came to bear any influence at the end.

In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided you won’t be faced with a ‘choose your ending’ at the culmination of the game, however it’ll still be your actions during the final level that will decide the outcome.

Speaking to PCGamesNMankind Divided producer Olivier Proulx stated: “It’s complex to build organically, the choice of the players, and have it reflected towards the end of the game.

“I’m not going to say how many endings we have; there’s a few, and obviously the choices in the last map in the game will have a big impact, but the decisions you make earlier can be used to affect the last parts of the game. So, much earlier decisions impact you right until the end.”

Yet when asked if the final level will dictate the overall ending of the game, Proulx replied, “Yeah.”

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