Star Wars Battlefront Beta Times

A quick update for all of you. I know many of you have been waiting all night for the Star Wars Battlefront Beta to start, but you will have to wait a tiny bit longer since the beta doesn’t hit the UK until 3PM.

The time mentioned is in CEST, but that just puts you an hour back. So be ready, because this afternoon we will all reclaim the galaxy as either the Empire or the Rebels. Which one are you?

SWBF Betatime

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9 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront Beta Times”

  1. am I right in thinking that it will just be in the store as a “demo”??

  2. in store at 3, installed by 7!

  3. Calun says:

    Yes, or just in case they could post it within the EA access portal

  4. Hemme1 says:

    Yes beta r demos

  5. Pete says:

    Balls! Why can’t they let us pre-download it?

  6. hopefully can download with the smart glass and it will be ready for when I get back from work ?

  7. Dench says:

    On xbox live change your location to Australia and you can download now

  8. Arron says:

    Switching to Australia actually works !!

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