Elite Dangerous Launches on Xbox One

Frontier Developments have released their open world space shooter Elite: Dangerous onto the Xbox One.

Elite: Dangerous is one of video games original open world experiences. With all 400 billion stars in the milky way fully recreated, a fully connected multiplayer system and player driven narrative this is an exciting game that has finally found its way onto the Xbox One.elitedangerous2

You start out with a small starship and a few credits in your pocket. You then must do whatever it takes to earn the skills and knowledge needed to gain the power you deserve and wealth that comes along with it.

Every story that a player finds themselves in affects what happens to the game as a whole and to every other player as well. Everything in the game is connected and you will have to be shrewd in your alliances and careful of what fights you pick. This is a true game of cause and consequence.

There is also an all new PvP system in the form of the close quarter combat championships (CQC). CQC is the ultimate 34th century gladiatorial contest that pits pilots against each other in intense instant combat situations.elitedangerous1

Elite: Dangerous is available to download from the Xbox Store for £29.99 and comes in full 1080p. Frontier Developments have optimised the controls for the Xbox controller and the game comes with a full achievement list.

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