Destiny Raid Or No Raid?

Destiny has been a dominant force in the new Gen console market, coming into year 2 there was alot of excitement from the Destiny lovers as the game was changing “for the better” the previous expansions paved the way for alot of changes to try and find the right frame work for this FPSMMO (kind of) Year 2/The Taken King was for what most feel is the expansion that should have been there since day 1, the loot system has improved dramatically, larger vault space, more quests and missions, a new location in the Dreadnaught and of course a brand new raid!

I am one of the Destiny lovers, I have sank around 1200 hours into it so far and what I’ve taken from the year 2 expansion is this: Bungie has struggled since day 1 to find the correct frame work for this experimental game that has made a new genre by the way in which you play. The fans are at the heart of everything Bungie does and that’s why this game has changed so much over such a small period in time.


In year 1 the level system was great up until you got to lvl 20, this is where year 1 not only got confusing but also frustrating, here on out you where chasing the ever annoying light level, if you didn’t take part in the raid with a fireteam of 6 friends you would be left behind and unable to hit the light cap. Even if you where in a position to complete a Raid you had to be extremely lucky to unlock all the notorious pieces of Raid armour to be among the prestigious few. This for me was a long and painful road of Raiding, Raiding and guess what more Raiding!! If that wasn’t enough to get you Goat then to throw it into the mix there is also Exotic Weapons, these weapons are the best of the best (Gjallarhorn) Destiny has created in its players an undying need to find these prestigious weapons and armour at any costs, I remember with crystal clear clarity my time when the ultimate Gjallarhorn rocket launcher dropped for me in the Vault Of Glass- It was my third time of completing the Raid and not only was I lucky enough to receive the Gjallarhorn when we killed Atheon the boss but I also unlocked earlier in the same Raid the Ice Breaker Exotic sniper rifle, crazy that not only the best gun in the game dropped but that the 2nd best gun at that time dropped in the same Raid. There in was the overall issue with Destiny, the game was so random (RND) that you could receive the best collectables in the game in 1 Raid but on the other side of that RND coin you could easily receive nothing at all.


This for me was very simply why Destiny year 2 made all my stresses over light and level, Raid gear and exotics vanish in a very nice puff of smoke! (kinda) Now we have both light and level separated, your level is still there and very much controls what you can access in terms of missions, strikes and Nightfalls but also the light comes into play in a much more solid way, everything from your weapons down to you ghost has light applied, I did feel a slight pang of frustration that after 10 minutes of playing The Taken King my beautiful Ice Breaker was made redundant by a green sniper but such is life and lets be honest who really wanted to keep old year 1 vanilla gear? I dont really want to start a brand new year with the same old guns, the game has changed so much in such a short period of time why shouldn’t the guns? Gjallarhorn is a prime example of why Destiny’s guns needed to change, unless you was playing a Raid with your friends if you didn’t have a Gjallarhorn the elitists wouldn’t even consider you as an option. So many times I was on a Destiny Facebook page looking for a Raid I would see a post asking for a certain light level and a Gjallarhorn as a requirement!! Thank god Bungie understood this needed to change as so with a Cheshire cat smile on my face the day dawned when Gjallarhorn was no longer a factor at all and the level system finally made sense. I digress lets get back on track, we now have everything in your inventory geared towards light, this new way of life now meant in order to increase your light level and become to toughest mudda on the block you needed to keep swapping out gear in order to boost your level. Legendaries and exotic can now be infused with more powerful light items to ensure your new favourite isn’t left behind!


The world has changed, Oryx has arrived to seek revenge on you for killing his son Crota.The story is now centred on you and your mission to bring down this huge threat to the galaxy. The new story has the drive of any game of this calibre should have finally unlike the frail shell of a story from year 1. Dont get me wrong Destiny has changed in a massive amount of ways but its still not perfect, but for all its woes and changes the frame work is now where its needed to be, we continue to shape the way in which this amazing, frustrating FPSMMO is told and Bungie is very happy to listen.

Now this article is titled Raid or no Raid for a reason right!? lets get to it then, the Kingsfall Raid is the newst edition to join the Raid missions and has been out little under 3 weeks, it has created alot of chatter across the community. Raids for Destiny is the icing on the cake for most players, it’s the only time except in the crucible where you can buddy up with 5 of your friends to take on the biggest and baddest bosses in the galaxy for the hardest battles for the best loot. Raids test all your skills but above all team work! Kingsfall was first completed by a very well known fireteam consisting of Professor Broman, Gothanlion, Gunny629, The Teawrex, Charionna and Rebelize_ in an amazing feat of true team work and since then we have had a new world record of just over 34 minutes!!, since its release I have managed to complete the Raid twice with a great team of lads from the clan Axiel Gaming, the first time we managed it in around 2 hours and it was a hell of a Raid, it has the complexity’s of the Vault Of Glass in a few ways, there’s a couple of jumping to your doom stages that are frustratingly fun, some of the boss stages require alot more team work in order the defeat them, once you understand the Raid it becomes truley fun, I took the time to understand how certain stages worked, the 2nd run was even faster in just under 1 hour 30 minutes. Out of all the stages Oryx is by far the most complex, yes i did mess up a few times but thankfully Axiel Haze managed to save our bacon and we finished Oryx off! This Raid has been honed to fine edge, it’s fun but extremely demanding of team work. Bungie has learned from Crota’s Raid with all its glitches that Raids need to be crafted and thankfully they took that learning curve and applied it to this one! The reward system has noticeably been improved, not once after beating each boss did I not got some kind of reward, not to say you will always get something as its still Destiny with its RND loot system but its been improved to make sure all your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. This Raid needs to be played as it will test you to max and give you one of he most enjoyable times of playing year 2, I take my hat off to you Bungie. Lets hope going forwards we keep the same frame work and see alot more quality like year 2 has given us and a few more quality Raids like Kingsfall!!

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