Teslapunk Retro Shooter Out On Xbox One Today

KlutzGames releases their retro shoot em up game Teslapunk for digital download today, it combines awesome visuals with action packed and addictive gameplay. It takes you to a dark retro-future with high voltage powered vintage machines.


Defend Earth against Emperor Zangorax and popular Martian DJ by night. Teslapunk comes with two game modes, in arcade mode you will play through 6 levels dodging bullets, killing enemies and sometimes cancelling bullets with a feature called Voltage Burst. Using this feature also will raise the difficulty level. In survival mode u will endure countless waves of enemies, collecting coins and power ups along the way.

Watch this video:

Furthermore Teslapunk comes with a mission system, an unlockable gallery, global and friend leaderboards as well as a Martian TV channel telling little anecdotes from Zangórax’s life.

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