Halo 5: Guardians: Why 343 Dropped Split-Screen

Fans all over the world cried out when it was revealed that Halo 5: Guardians would not have a split-screen mechanic. When 343 was in Australia recently, MMGN managed to snag some time and sit down with the Design Director Kevin Franklin and talk a bit about the upcoming game. One of the questions answered was just why the split-screen was removed.

“It was tough for the team to drop split-screen, you probably have gone through all of the details, what’s been said about the decision and all that. Let me give you some details, one of my perspectives on it. When I started looking at the campaign, I was so excited about how much of a co-op focus they’re putting into the campaign. So I’m going to be playing the campaign completely co-op, and I really appreciate all of the team mechanics. It’s really just a strong strain for a campaign mode, and it’s mixing things up a lot.”

We all heard that the reason it was dropped was for the higher more demanding graphics and all that, and while it’s true, the studio also felt like it was time to let some things from Halo drop and move forward.

“It was really difficult for the team to let it go, but we needed to make some decisions and move forward,”

Halo 5 Guardians Osiris Warthog

He also pressed that the new multiplayer modes more than makes up for the lack of split-screen.

“You know we’ve got Blue Team in there, which a lot of fans are really excited about. On the Warzone side, you’ve got such a massive, massive battle going on. 24 players. It’s quite the experience to get into Warzone and just have that epicness on screen — you can have up to 20 vehicles on the screen at one time. On the Arena side, you’ve got a strong team experience, so it’s four players. And we’re seeing these players build their eSports teams online, and that’s something we want to see supported.”

So thoughts on this? I know most of you got angry and felt like the game wasn’t worth it when the split-screen got removed, but have your thoughts changed during this time or are they still the same? Halo 5: Guardians is just shy of two weeks away, going live October 27th, with a pre-download being available from October 20th. Want to share your thoughts? Leave them in the marked out field below.

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