NBA 2K16 Review

NBA 2K is back It’s another year And Jeff Thomas – Visual Concepts said that the team at 2K has put more into this title and the franchise than ever before, As a result NBA 2K16 should be the best ever in the franchise right? We know it has been the top dog in basketball games for over a decade. With hard rivals such as NBA Live there is plenty of reasons why sometimes the developers could become complacent maybe?. I don’t think that is the case as NBA 2K16 is the most ambitious title in the series.

We know story modes are never new in sports title …. Same as Madden,Fifa and others. But the people at 2K have done something different this year and put the career into a movie with MyPlayer and MyCareer titled Livin’ Da Dream there is a lot of drama to watch unfold but it’s good to watch the cut-scenes can be abit much but might be for you.

The story is written and directed by Spike Lee, You play Frequency Vibrations,  or “Freq” for short — that’s your nickname and that’s what they will all call you no matter what.. of course you can change it in the options if you really want. You can begin you’re journey in high school as a really bad player just like any kid was at that age right? So surely they have done the right thing here, then of course you’ll go into college just like you would in real life then finally the NBA Draft before beginning you’re professional career, I’ll be the first to admit here this Career/movie mode might not be for everyone as it’s different and some people like to do the same thing every year I suppose but to previous years I enjoyed it the ‘different’ part of it was great.

You can develop MyPlayer on off days to earn bonus content through connections and endorsements though the bigger endorsers the more time required to fulfill, You’ll also be able to train you’re player in live practice innovative environments where you can engage with team mates and coaches and participate in a myriad of unique but fun drills.


This year NBA 2K16 has Enhanced game play with over 10,000 animations added, The new living world physics engine – Generating smarter,hyper-realistic movement tailored to elements including height,weight, and foot-planting and wingspan also new rim and ball physics along with brand new AI and an overhauled post-game 32 new back down animations highlights this year’s upgrades We all know 2K game play has always been right up there on the top and this year it’s no different it’s even better then ever before the realistic part is the thing I most love about this game and thanks to the new living physics engine you’re in for a treat again.

There’s a new on-line ranking system this year for head-to-head and team-up games in witch your head-to-head record will determine whether or not you advance to higher levels and It is a very good but I’ve had a few games on-line now and I don’t think 2K has the best features I’d say in total I played around 8 games and 2 was lagging pretty bad of course this all depends on players connections to so I’m not going to take this into my review rating.

Going back to the single player for a moment this year you can play with modern legends. I was really excited with this there’s 12 new legendary teams including some of the most best squads from the past 15 years.

One thing I do love about this game. It’s so much you can do and it’s worth the price tag for that alone. Such as 2K Pro-Am with five-on-five competitive gaming with unprecedented levels of customization, There is also MyPark It features three cities each with a newly enhanced park and a unique brands of basketball.

This is mechanically the best sound sports game on the market today without any doubt. The graphics are also top-spec and nothing short of almost real. The best of this generation by 2K.

the game-play improvements are simply amazing and the best improvement of the game.

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  • 8.5/10
    Gameplay - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Graphics - 8.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Sound - 8.5/10
  • 8/10
    Longevity - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Value - 8/10


NBA 2K16 is the best basketball of this generation, The people at 2K have worked hard on this series it’s awesome to play as the all-time greats the online mode is not amazing but of course play-able with some new features. If you’re a fan of the series you’ll need to pick this up.

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