Legacy DLC Tracks Available For Download On Rock Band 4

Within the next few hours (depending location) you will be able to hit the stage and get ready with Rock Band 4,

If you have a collection of vintage DLC tracks from previous games, you can start going through them now for an even bigger set list at launch. Developer Harmonix said in a new blog post that that downloading and updating the tracks from previous Rock Bands is available now on Xbox One.


The DLC entitlements will only be available for consoles in the same family for example: Xbox 360 > Xbox One. The steps for downloading previously purchased DLC for Xbox One are listed below.

    1.Turn on your Xbox One.
    2.Sign in to the Xbox Live Gamertag that you originally purchased your legacy Rock BandDLC on.
    3.Navigate to the Xbox Live Marketplace titled “Store”.
    4.Select “Search”.
    5.Search for “Rock Band 4“
    6.You will see multiple products for the title. Select the game “Rock Band 4“.
    7.Navigate to “Add-Ons” and select the ellipses (the big “…” at the bottom of the featured Add-Ons) to view all Add-Ons.
    8.Select the individual Add-On you want to download. There will be a monetary value on an individual Add-On if you did not previously purchase the product. If you purchased it previously, select “Install”.
    9.The download should automatically begin. Once completed, you should see that where the “Install” prompt used to be on this individual Add-On, it will now say “Installed”.
    10.There will be no update to notify you that this content has completed downloading. There is no visible way to confirm if your DLC has been installed to your console until you first launch Rock Band 4 on that console. The content should be on your hard drive, but will remain invisible until you first play Rock Band 4.
    11.Repeat step 8 for as many Add-Ons as you would like downloaded to your console.
    12.And that’s it! You can now play this content in Rock Band 4 when the game is loaded into your system!

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