HALO 5 – Cortana Will Be Present

But didn’t she die in HALO 4?

Calling all HALO fans, how hyped are you for the news that Cortana will be in HALO 5? There’s no denying that she is one of the main characters from the series but there is one slight problem, didn’t she perish in HALO 4 or is there a twist to this tale?

Good news for us though, Mike Colter who is the voice actor for John Locke gave us the tiniest snippet in a recent interview:

“When he goes into Halo 5, you’ll see him transition into a Spartan, a super soldier. It’s a prominent role within the game. Obviously Master Chief will be involved, Cortana, but Locke will be one of the playable characters in Halo 5. He’ll have a prominent role. He’s one of the new additions that will be featured throughout the next couple of video games. So you’ll see a lot of Commander James Locke.”

It’s not giving away huge details of this blockbuster title but the two main things I have picked up are:

  • Cortana will be making an appearance in HALO 5
  • John Locke will play a major part in this game and possibly future titles too



So what do you think, is she heading back as a cameo role, playing a much bigger part in HALO 5 or should 343 Indusries have left her out completely? However you answer it will add to the hype building around HALO 5, this will be one of the biggest games this year (maybe the biggest) and I can not wait for this to be released.

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