Turf Treadz XBOX One Controllers NOW AVAILABLE!

Turf Treadz attach to the original Turf Treadz attach to the original. Turf Treadz utilise a high quality material that provide the gamer with an enhanced gaming experience by helping to reduce the effect of sweaty fingers slipping off the controller triggers.


The Turf Treadz pack includes 2 x pairs of Pro Turf Treadz, colour co-ordinated and designed to improve control with football and other sports games. Both sets improve traction during gaming, prevent finger and thumb slips and help to reduce fatigue during heated and prolonged gaming sessions. The increased “all-terrain” grip enhances player and ball control during heated gameplay!
Turf Treadz packs represent a great add-on sale with all console and first party controllers and are a perfect added value bundle offer with selected game titles, in particular sports based games such as FIFA and PES.


Get Traction on the Action!

Dean Harvey, iMP Managing Director said “Turf Treadz are a great low-cost enhancement for your gaming controllers, providing improved comfort and grip during those heated gaming sessions! Response from gamers is that Turf Treadz feel great and enhance feel and control.”

iMP Turf Treadz for Xbox One
Available now at GAME UK and selected stores and e-tailers. Standard Trigger Treadz also available at www.triggertreadz.com for only £4.99!!

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Mike "Nanaki VIII" Riley

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