Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine Location & Items 2nd-4th Oct

Xur: Agent of the Nine, Destiny’s weekend vendor is back with more Exotic offers. Xur is your guy if you’re after Exotic weapons or armour, provided you have the Strange Coins for them.

Location: Xur is in Tower North near the speaker


Items on Sale:

  • Immolation Fists Titan Gauntlets | 13 SC
  • Celestial Nighthawk Hunter Helmet | 13 SC
  • Heart of the Praxix Fire Warlock Chest | 13 SC
  • Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram | 31 SC
  • Exotic Helmet Engram | 19 SC



  • Void Drive Vehicle Upgrade | 23 SC
  • Emerald Coil Vehicle Upgrade | 23 SC
  • Heavy Ammo Synth | 1 SC
  • Three of Coins Consumable | 7 SC

He is also swapping Strange Coins for Motes of Light at a 2:1 ratio.

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Hannah Nichols

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