Destiny: Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris Details

Guardians! Grab your exotics, form your Fireteams and report to the Crucible, because Lord Saladin and Brother Vance are returning for some more special PvP action.

In the latest Weekly Update, Bungie have laid out what changes are coming to Iron Banner, which is scheduled for October 13th, and the Trials of Osiris, which is coming on the 16th October.

Changes include tweaks to the level of loot drops and how Trials of Osiris matchmaking works. Teams with 1 win will be matched with other teams with 1 win, teams with 2 wins are matched together and so on. Finally, the update tells us the recommended light level for entering both modes (230 for Banner, 290 for Trials), so those who don’t currently stack up (myself included), we have some time to rectify this.

You can view the full Weekly Update right here. If you’re looking for more up to date news like this, make sure you head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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