Xbox One Games you can get for FREE right now!

As I sit here, struggling for something to play, looking at my 156 games (Don’t judge me), I wonder what it must be like for the kid who maybe saved their money up and brought an Xbox One (with maybe a bundled game) or the parent at Christmas time who could only do the same, is there anything else they could load onto their Xbox One with just a handy internet connection?

So I scrolled through the game list and wondered what I could find for FREE, this is what I came across, I will also be mentioning some other games that are so cheap, they are practically free!

Warframe: This PC port of the FTP game, still has a pretty decent following on console, yes you can pump money into it if you want to like many FTP games, but perfectly fun and enjoyable for completely free!

Neverwinter: What more could you want than an MMORPG, especially since it just had a massive content/expansion update, hours of gameplay here all for free!

SMITE: A great 3rd person MOBA, really good gameplay, enjoyable characters and powers, and hey, its free!

Frozen Free Fall: Candy Crush meets frozen, its free, its 1000 gamerpoints, its free?!

Killer Instinct : ULTRA COMBO! This classic fighting franchise

Pinball FX2 : You automatically get access to the Sorcerer’s Lair table for free.

Castle Crashers Remastered: Here purely because if you had the Xbox 360 Version (and you should have!), it is free!

Happy Wars!: Part combat, part tower defence, a great little game that brings the “lighter” side to medieval combat!

World of Tanks: Massive Tanks, Massive Combat, really good fun multiplayer game where you can blow the crap out of each-other.

Games with Gold: A gem of a deal, as part of your Xbox Live Subscription, every month you get 2 free games, for September you had The Deer God & Tomb Raider, and for October you are looking at Valiant Hearts and Walking Dead Season One (Telltale Games), super deal!

Backwards Compatibility: A fair few people that get an Xbox One are likely to be fans of Microsoft, so stands to reason they had an Xbox 360, don’t forget you can bring a lot of those games onto the Xbox One, especially all the Games with Gold that are coming out are going to be Backwards Compatible automatically, so as part of the above deal, you will get 4 free games a month!

EA Access: I have to put this here, as I honestly think it is amazing value, for £20 a year you get the following games completely FREE! I think it is a must have for everyone, and most Xbox Ones come with the sub included free for the first year. Dragon Age Inquisition, NBA Live 15, NHL 15, Madden 15, UFC, Titanfall, Peggle 2, Battlefield 4, Fifa 15, Madden 25, Need for Speed Rivals & Battlefield Hardline (last one coming october). With EA Access, you also get 10 hour trials of their new games (Fifa 16 and Rory MCcilroy Golf being the most recent) and 10% off EA games!

Demo’s/Trials: For those that first get a next gen console, the concept of Demo’s/Trials is an antequated idea, but they still exist, and there are a fair few of them on the store, you can get demos for the following games: Rainbow Six Siege, Fifa 16, Forza Motorsport 6, Dying Light, Pro Evo 16, Just Dance 16, Shiftlings, RIDE, Bladstorm, ScreamRide, D4, LEGO Batman 3, Disney Fantasia, Pro Evo 15, Forza Horizon 2, Fifa 15, NHL 15, Thief, UFC, LEGO Hobbit, Kinect Sports Rivals, LEGO Movie, LEGO Marvel Super Heros, Dead Rising 3, Zumba Fitness, Zoo Tycoon, Fifa 14!

So even if you bought a console, with no games or content, there are 4 games you could get completely free, 2 games a month completely free with Games with Gold, 12 games you can get for £20! and 27 demos you could download and give a go!

Now…. We might have missed games off this list. If we did leave a comment below and we can update it!

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