MMORPG Onigiri Coming to Xbox One Tomorrow

Onigiri thrusts its players into mystical Japan, a land filled with mythical creatures of Japanese legend. Starting as a lone Oni, players fight against the malevolent influence of the Kamikui as their miasma spreads over the land. 8 NPCS, each with their own distinct personality and skills, ally themselves with the player to help build a legend, and quell the evil that has arisen. As you grow stronger together, so do the bonds binding you to each other.


What you will become? A warrior who crushes all who stand before him? A sorcerer wreathed in flame and shadow? Facing the unchained might of your enemies alone, or together with your brave allies, you must carve a path through your enemies, and make your own destiny!

Already booming on PC servers, you can expect the same action-packed gameplay and thriving community on the free-to-play Xbox One version when its out tomorrow 2nd October 2015.

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Hannah Nichols

Gamer, geek and mum of 2. Social Media Manager and occasional reviewer!

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