Is Unbox coming to Xbox One?

12049184_10206812788375078_758009889921831130_nAt EGX last week. We got to play a brand new game called Unbox It was initially developed during the Unreal Engine 4 Christmas game jam, by Manchester based start-up Prospect Games. Feedback for the jam entry was overwhelmingly positive and since January Unbox has expanded and evolved into a full title, including an expansive singleplayer and explosive multiplayer..


  • Single Player: Explore epic worlds, complete crazy challenges and beat the bosse
  • Multiplayer: Gather your friends for explosive Split-screen action!
  • Weapons: Explode the competition with the wackiest of weapons!
  • Customisation: The 21st century Cardboard Box knows how to accessorise!


Want to find out more about Unbox? Check out they website Here! They need you’re support at the moment!

We spoke with Andrew Bennison the Managing Director of Unbox and he has this to say about a possible Xbox One release?

‘At the moment we’re committed to releasing om PC next May, the response has been fantastic and there’s no reason we wouldn’t want to bring it to more platforms in the future’

Unbox will be released on PC in 2016 and we hope to see it on Xbox One also from a fan point of view!

If you have’t see the trailer yet. We have you covered……….

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