Destiny: The Iron Banner Will Return


Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague announced via Twitter yesterday that the Iron Banner will soon be returning.


When the Banner does return gear will be a little different, however. The Taken King creative director Luke Smith highlighted on Twitter that:

There will be no re-rolling for the following weapons:

  • Finnala’s Peril
  • Haakon’s Hatchet
  • Nirwen’s Mercy
  • Colovance’s Duty
  • Weyloran’s March
  • Ashraven’s Flight
  • Ironwreath-D
  • Deidris’ Retort
  • Tormod’s Bellows
  • Bretomart’s Stand


As for armour, the “Angel of Mercy” perk – giving extra Super energy from reviving others – will be available on Trials and Iron Banner helmets.


  • Iron Companion Hood
  • Iron Companion Vestments
  • Iron Companion Gloves
  • Iron Companion Legs
  • Wolfswood Bond


  • Iron Companion Mask
  • Iron Companion Vest
  • Iron Companion Sleeves
  • Iron Companion Boots
  • Wolfswood Cloak


  • Iron Companion Helm
  • Iron Companion Plate
  • Iron Companion Gauntlets
  • Iron Companion Greaves
  • Wolfswood Mark

(Thanks, Planet Destiny)

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