Oculus Rift won’t support Xbox One for now

You’ll be able to play Xbox One games on Oculus Rift via Windows 10 streaming, however direct play from your console to the Rift virtual reality headset won’t be a thing for some time yet, if at all.

Speaking to Polygon, Nate Mitchell, the vice president of product at Oculus, stated, “It has been a conversation, but I can say we’re not so close.”

“What we were finding is that it’s hard enough to deliver a great experience reliably on Windows, never mind adding OS X and Linux to that, which are different beasts entirely.”

This comes after Oculus released the recommended system spec for running the Rift, when they also announced their intention to concentrate on Windows for the time being.

“No one is really thinking right now about bringing the Rift to a console, especially when the spec is so different from what we’re targeting right now.”

Which is not to say that the Xbox One doesn’t have the power to support the Rift: Mitchell expanded by saying it’s a case of differing hardware and reiterated that their platform focus is elsewhere. He added, “We’ll see. It’s not out of the question, but it’s not something we’re actively working on right now.”

The Xbox One controller will still be included in an Oculus Rift package.

Do you think the Xbox One needs a unique virtual reality headset to compete with Oculus on PC and Sony’s PlayStation VR, or that HoloLens’ augmented reality will offer an equal or better experience? Let us know in the comments.

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