WWE 2K16’s My Career Mode Detailed

What a time to be a WWE Games fan. In the space of one week, we’ve had a new gameplay trailer, showing off some of the new superstars and the Showcase Mode with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and now we’ve got a second trailer detailing the improvements to 2K15’s much criticised My Career mode.

Maintaining the same premise of following a created superstar from NXT to the Hall of Fame, it seems like 2K are listening to the fans when it comes to improvements. This year will allow you to develop rivalries with your fellow superstars organically. Everything you do will affect your relationship with everyone on the roster. For example, rescue someone from a beating and you’ll have an ally who you can form a tag team with, but drop someone on the way to the ring and they’ll look to seek revenge against you.

Not only that, but just like WWE storylines, The Authority are a constant presence throughout your career, and it’s up to you to either align yourself with The Authority, or if the trailer is anything to go by, align with Sting against them. All this should be good news for anyone who got annoyed by last year’s lack of proper storyline structure. You can find the trailer below.

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