Weekly News Round Up! 20/09 – 27/09

Does News ever stop? There are television channels dedicated to 24 hours of it, live and unstoppable; it surrounds us when we go about our days via some medium or other; and even when we’re at home it’s likely to find its way to us somehow. Consider this article a condensation and selection of this week’s headlines, then, should you have escaped them so far.

This week we learnt Konami may not be exiting AAA production after all; some of the industries top voice actors may go on strike; of the changes coming in the latest Project Cars update; what the right thumb-stick and buttons look like on the Crackdown 3 controller; and the install size for Halo 5: Guardians.halo-5-guardians-hi-res

The official Xbox website is now resplendent with new features; Phil Spencer doesn’t like fanatic trolling in console wars; the reasons why Final Fantasy XIV won’t be making an appearance on Xbox One; that Quantum Break should look smashing; and saw the first trailer for Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut.

A new market is opening in London for those inclined towards spending money on video games; Rise of the Tomb Raider got a brand new trailerBattlefield Hardline is coming to EA Access; details on how Ubisoft have researched their Victorian setting for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate; and when the Star Wars Battlefront beta starts and what to expect from it. Oh, and it looks like the Bioshock games could be coming to Xbox One.


It turns out there’s no decade-long plan for Destiny; that it didn’t take long for someone to fell the Taken King first; and that there’s a new Hot-Fix out. We’ve also put together a guide of all the new things in The Taken King, because we’re helpful like that.

Finally, you can now take a look at the games that’ll be free in October via Games with Gold; and don’t forget to check this week’s Deals with Gold before it comes to an end tomorrow.

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