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Overruled! is a 2D four-player brawler which challenges players to complete a variety of task and manoeuvres in order to score points. The collectible cards play a vital role in the title as they allow players to change the current objective of the game to suit your situation or to gain advantage over your opponents; this is the most interesting aspect of the game as it is can be entertaining and a novelty for beginners while also a deep, tactical system for experienced players. The craziness of the brawler offers a balance between pure luck and skill therefore the more experienced player would often win but there’s a possibility the lesser skilled player could steal the victory. The controls are very easy and basic; jumping, punching and shooting, the only issue I found was the slight delay in the downward jump which I found frustrating at times as it could cost you the game or getting hit from another player gaining them points.


The fast paced nature of Overruled! can bring plenty of laughs if you are playing with your friends on the local play mode, but if you do not have additional people to play local mode with then there is very little enjoyment in Overruled!. While there is an option to brawl online, the online community of Overruled! is still building, meaning that finding a match is extremely difficult, this is problematic considering that the title just launched. Unfortunately there is no option to add computer AI controlled players to offline matches therefore being able to get the most out of Overruled! is only achievable if you always have three friends and three controllers present for the local multiplayer options, lets hope maybe that can be added at a later date.


Overruled! does offer a single-player challenge mode which is a nice, however it can feel a little frustrating. Out of the 54 challenge missions there was only a few i found really fun, the biggest issue with the challenge mode is the repetition of the same few match types such as ‘grab the bag’, ‘king of the hill’ and ‘invasion’. All 54 missions can be completed in just over two hours, because most of the missions are fairly easy it can make this mode feel a little small, lets hope this gets updated at a later date.

Graphically Overruled! isn’t cutting-edge; the blocky textures can make the game feel a little scrappy. Thankfully Overruled! runs at a really smooth frame-rate with no graphical issues whatsoever which is great considering that the load times are fairly short. The characters models are strange and diverse enough to satisfy players randomly selecting their fighter but some of the characters are very weird, like the creepy naked entertainer character is an especially odd but that’s the charm of Overruled!


Dlala Studio used various famous YouTubers to voice the characters which I think is a great idea. It would have nice if they had a few more lines, and a few less cringe-worthy one-liners at that.; it was a good idea on paper to get these famous YouTubers to play characters and i get what they where going for but I do think a little more work was required. The music can be a little repetitive being that its the same few tunes over and over; the music and audio repetition is more evident in the challenges mode where the same few lines of dialogue and music tracks are played repeatedly until the level is completed.


Overall Overruled! has a few decent ideas but the lack of players online means that this title is a little tough to play currently but with friends this can be alot of fun. Even with a full suite of players though, Overruled! is a very different brawler than what’s currently available on the Xbox One, the ability to change the rules or have them changed on you at any point can make for some fun and crazy play.

Overruled! is out now on the Xbox Store for only £9.99!

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