The Need for Speed Achievement List

Developer Ghost Games have released the list of achievements you’ll be unlocking when Need for Speed launches in two months. Some sound simple rewards for progression, whereas others may only ping after some hard work has been put into the game. Check the 30 out for yourself below.

Home Is Where Your Car Is // 5G
Acquired your spot in the garage

Guidance From Amy // 10G
You reached Amy’s goal of upgrading your engine’s horsepower

R.W.B. // 30G
You’ve met the legendary builder Nakai San.

Iconic Builder // 40G
You’ve Become a Build Icon

I Am Speed    // 10G
You’ve Beaten Magnus’ Record Time

Urban Outlaw // 30G      
You’ve Beaten Magnus’ Personal Challenge

Fulfilling The Need // 40Gimage.img
You’ve Become a Speed Icon

Training Wheels Off // 10G
You’ve learned to drive with style

Single Take Star // 30G
You’ve completed a single-take of Ken’s Gymkhana

The Hoonigan // 40G
You’ve become a Style Icon

Unstoppable // 10G       
Beat the Outlaw’s “2 roadblocks in a pursuit” challenge

Surprised? Me Neither // 30G
You’ve uncovered the truth…

Above The Law // 40G
You’ve become an Outlaw Icon

One For All… // 10G
You’ve found yourself a crew

Choo Choo! // 30G
All aboard the drift train!

… And All For One // 40G
You’ve reached the top with your crew

The Ultimate Icon // 110G
You’ve become the Ultimate Icon

Early Days // 20G2885784-needforspeed_screen_04
You’ve reached rep level 10

Getting Noticed // 30G
You’ve reached rep level 25

Can I Get Your Autograph? // 110G     
You’ve reached rep level 50

Tuned For Excellence // 10G
Win any event with a tuned car

Social Scene // 15G
Get called out by other racers 50 times for your skills

3-Peat // 20G    
Win three events in a row

Beyond Extreme // 45G
Tune a car to max drift or grip settings

Full Power // 45G
Equip top end performance parts to each category of a car

Full House // 35G
Fill each spot in your garage

Building Your Stable // 15G  
Purchase another car for your garage

That Perfect Moment // 25G      
Max out all 5 scoring styles in a single moment

No Filter // 5G    
Take your first snapshot

Serious Fun // 110G
Complete 15 daily challenges

Like what you see? Reckon there are some you could do with out or have suggestions for better ones? Let us know in the comments!

Need for Speed launches in the US on 3rd November and in the UK on 5th November.

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