Bungie’s Destiny Update – 24/09/15

Bungie’s update, a week after The Taken King release starts with stats. Interesting stats!

“On the first day, 777,270 Guardians attempted the King’s Fall Raid. Only 37,591 of them were able to send Oryx floating toward the rings of Saturn. Since then, almost a million attempts have been made on the King’s life. A grand total of 88,733 Guardians have successfully committed regicide.”

Were you one of those thousands? Enjoy committing regicide? Let us know in the comments!

And here are the top ten Fireteams to clear King’s Fall

What’s next in Destiny Year Two? Bungie tantalises: “The answer is: Plenty. Destiny Year Two has more in store for you than The Taken King, and Oryx still has more tricks secreted away up his sleeves and aboard his fortress. There are rewards we have yet to reveal and that you have yet to earn.” Players are encouraged to connect on the Internet and figure out just what’s next


“Control the Zones!”
Zone Control is the featured mode in the Crucible this week, and Senior Designer  Andrew Weldon is on hand to offer tips to keep you at the top.
“While Control has been our most played mode in the first year of Destiny, many players both in the community and at Bungie wanted a more traditional objective-focused experience. Zone Control is the result!
In Zone Control, we have removed all individual player scores and score bonuses. Instead, your team receives points every five seconds for each zone you hold – +10 for one zone, +20 for two, and +30 for all three. Now, your path to victory relies far less on individual combat skills and far more on your team’s ability to effectively hold territory in the zones themselves. Good luck!
Zone Control also marks the debut of our featured weekly PVP playlists – in addition to the Legendary Marks for completing a match in the daily, you can now earn 10 Legendary Marks for each of your first three wins in the weekly featured playlist for a total of 30 Legendary Marks over the course of the week. We’ll feature a different rotating mode as the weekly featured playlist each week.”
Bungie are also reportedly tuning the matchmaking code to allow for, obviously, better matchmaking in the Crucible.
Miss this week’s Hotfix notes? Find them here!
Bungie have released two articles on new features introduced by The Taken King to allow players to better get to grips with the update.

The Guided Support for Destiny: The Taken King has new information too, including an FAQ article on Legendary Marks.

Fans are encouraged to follow @BungieHelp on Twitter to be notified as soon new Help articles are available.

Till next time, Guardians!

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