Fallout 4 – SPECIAL Ep. 3; Soundtrack

Bethesda have release another S.P.E.C.I.A.L video! After starting with ‘S’ for Strength and moving onto ‘P’ for Perception, we find ourselves at ‘E’ for Endurance. Why is to good to have plenty of Endurance? Vault Boy loses many limbs in the process of finding out.

Bethesda have also published a behind the scenes interview with composer Inon Zur, who’s leant his musical talents to the series since 2001 entry Fallout Tactics.

I’m trying to create something that sounds fresh,” says Zur. “Something that sounds like the beginning.”

Instrumentally, the game is broken up into three sections: using percussive “non-instruments” (Zur apparently experiments with sound, using a cello bow on a garden chair and even biting piano strings) to represent the destroyed world; more musical yet still primitive instruments when wandering through nature; and finally an orchestral accompaniment for the emotional moments.

Zur’s aiming to, “provide a different musical experience that is not necessarily very thematic but is something very memorable,” an ambition realised in Fallout 3, where the haunting soundscapes  still play in my mind as I picture the Capital Wasteland.

You can read the interview here, and find out why accordions are being put to use in the Fallout 4 soundtrack.

We’ll leave you with the man himself playing the Fallout 4 theme on piano.

Oh, and this.


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