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If you count yourself lucky enough to have been taking in by the fantastic Elder Scrolls Online (previously reviewed in full here), you should be aware by now that the first expansion, the Imperial City has been released for 2500 crowns (approx. £16) or free to monthly subscribers on the in game store. For many, the decision to expand the game is a given, for my sins (or the graces of being a review), I have put in less hours than I would have liked on this great game, and so the Imperial City has so far chewed me up and spat me back out. The question is, through the pain, did I enjoy what I saw?

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So first off, let’s get to grips with what is on offer. The Imperial City sits in the centre of Cyrodil, an area best known from previous title Oblivion. We are of course in very different times and Cyrodil is a battleground in a war between the three factions on Elder Scrolls Online. Therefore, as well as offering PvE elements, the Imperial City functions as the largest and most sophisticated PvP area to date! These 6 districts in which to do battle are exciting enough. Add to that the casualty on the city by Moag Bal and his many dangerous minions and you really do have a feast of fun to get invovled in! The expansion includes two new group dungeons and a heap of new quests and you really are expanding your playspace and playtime.

The area can be entered from level 10 but, as alluded to, there may be a good case for beefing up your character before taking on the enemies within. Equally, make sure you get your best team together to take on the two group dungeons The White-Gold Tower and The Imperial City Prison. You’ll meet new characters along the way, starting with the Drake of Blades and later the Empress Regent Clivia, each with their own complex characteristics and motivations.

The expansion adds two new levels to the veteran rank system for those pushing the envelope of game domination, a new armour style (Xivkyn) and new currency system, Tel Var stones, for rewards available in your faction’s Imperial City Sewer camp. These stones can be looted from enemies and stolen from enemy players in the city so keep your guard up if you want to gain your rewards! The setting and style for this expansion is dark and cramped but exciting!

Charging into Imperial City

The game plays consistently well regarding graphics, sound and mechanics in the new areas and should inspire the odd foolhardy low level person (like myself) to take a look, even in the face of extreme danger. You will face the biggest threats the game has seen yet, including the huge Flesh Colossus! As ever, it is best played socially and the new mix of PvE and PvP in close proximity make this truer than ever. It’s great to be back in the Imperial City but it is more dangerous than ever! Be careful out there adventurers!

I think the expansion represents great value for money both for players now and going forward. If you’ve been playing a lot of ESO this purchase seems a natural expansion of an already great game with innovative features not yet seen so far. PvP is one of ESO’s great strengths, so any steps to build on this are great and this expansion really does. It feels like the right space to spend your time currently as part of the end game and should continue to offer that experience!

The expansion is also a great inspiration for lower level groups looking to rekindle or spice up their play with a familiar, or grand new direction in their tale. I can’t wait to tackle the dungeons with some trusted allies and look forward to some volunteers stepping up soon! See you in the capital!

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  • 8/10
    Gameplay - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Longevity - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Value - 9/10


Expand your story to the Imperial City now and enjoy a wealth of new content! This expansion offers a wealth on new experiences and content for all players! Get your group together and take on the horde!


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    @TESOnline @BethesdaStudios I resent being forced to download this when Im not likely to buy it.

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