Extreme Exorcism Review

Where can you begin with a completely bonkers game such as Extreme Exorcism? Remember when you parents told you “Your actions will have consequences”, this part platformer, part brawler, part karma giver throws together something that you will never have played before in one gorgeous wrapped up pixelated package, that brings out an insane but completely enjoyable experience.

To understand Extreme Exorcism though I will have to start with a brief overview of what Golden Ruby Games has created and then move on to some of my strategies that I have created to respond to the chaos around you. Extreme Exorcism starts off easily enough, you are dropped into one of the Haunted Mansions many haunted rooms, with nothing for company but your wits and randomly spawning weapons.

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Weapons spawn at various spots around the map, your objective is clear, grab a weapon and kill the enemy. Pretty straightforward so far? This is where the twist comes in, as soon as you eliminate the enemy the level resets, you are then dropped in the same level with another enemy, however this is now a ghost of the one you killed, mimicking everything you did last time round, but now sporting a rather sharp looking crown. This cycle repeats infinitely, with more ghosts dropping in as you seek to kill the crown wearing ghost to force another reset, all the while, the ghosts mimicking your movements. Needless to say, this gets hectic, and it gets there very fast.

The trick to Extreme Exorcism is a really simple one, but at the same time it is very tough to get a hold of. Since you spend most of the time fighting ghostly copies of your former self, you need to keep a sharp mind of what movements, shots or attacks you did, as they are going to be repeated. Enemy AI has often been accused of being too predictable and easy, this is what makes the game magical as you are fighting against your own very “scatty” movements, the ultimate enemy AI, your own confusion! With this knowledge in hand, you have got to manage your assault well, which, quite honestly isn’t an easy task as the room fills up with your haunting clones, since you can kill or be killed by any clone, not just the crown bearer, you will end up doing a lot of fighting that leads to nothing, making each round progressively more dangerous.

With any side scrolling shooter or brawler, what makes Extreme Exorcism extra special is the weapons. You have a wide variety of high-tech gadgets, mystical artefacts and more conventional weapons like swords and firearms, up to 3 can be held at the same time, all controlled with the games single attack button. You even have your very own power, “Exorcism”, this creates a void sphere around the player that eliminates any ghost it touches, permanently, this gives you a form of crowd control and if used in the right place (you should know this as you moved there), you could potentially wipe the whole slate clean and start the ghost count again. It doesn’t always come to plan, as the enemies don’t follow typical rules, remember, they follow your path which will probably be completely random and not where you want!

Extreme Exorcism winds up taking a very simple idea, showering it with variety, complete randomness and a massive array of weapons to turn it into something that isn’t just well done, but is tons of fun at the same time. The game has completely solid controls (important in this genre), brilliant visuals that really showcase the enemies and brutal attacks superbly and simply stunning audio that gives you the constant sense of eeriness with the soundtrack and perfect weapon shots and enemy deaths.

What pushes Extreme Exorcism even further is the replayability, you can play alone just fine and have a great time going through the levels, trying to beat your friends scores and seeing how long you can survive, or bring some friends over for some “up to 4 player” couch play, again a massive kudos to Golden Ruby Games for embracing couch play, something that is typically missed on games these days, but this is perfect to have either a quick 10 minute blast or an all-night session with some people round. If they could potentially add some more game modes or multiplayer modifiers to the mix, this could bring “Kung Fu Chaos” to the modern world. A true treat.

Extreme Exorcism is available for £9.99 and can be picked up from the Xbox One Store.

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