Konami staying in AAA production?

Last week it seemed the case that Konami were set to be leaving triple-A game production after the website Gameblog reported Julien Merceron, worldwide technology director at Konami, had left the company. Konami itself were said to only be continuing triple-A production with Pro Evolution Soccer.

Su Yina-Farmer, Konami Europe’s Communications Manager, suggested on Twitter that this may not be the case, however.

Furthermore, a ticket sent to Konami by a Reddit user enquiring what Konami plan to do with the Fox Engine if they’re done with Metal Gear Solid, whether they plan to license the series out and what the possibility of expanding on MGSV is, was met with this response:


The link referred to in the reply pertaining to applications to work on the Metal Gear series leads here. Is there any explicit answer that Konami aren’t leaving triple-A production? No, but perhaps they feel it’s not worth deigning to reply to such a rumour. Either way, Metal Gear and many of Konami’s other franchise do not appear to be going anywhere.

(Thanks ThrowingDigitalSheep)

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