The Golf Club: Collecters Edition Review

EA for years has had a massive stranglehold on the sports industry games, in including the Golf genre. Finally a contender in the golfing game genre has stepped up to tee off for the crown, The Golf Club Collectors Edition is a no nonsense realistic feeling golfer! Even though The Golf Club isn’t licensed and doesn’t have the top Golfers from around the world as playable characters doesn’t stop it from being a very solid Golf title to give EA’s PGA a run for their money.

The Golf Club was released around a year ago now, it landed pretty well considering it came out of know where. This year it goes head to head with PGA for a 10 round knock out match up, so you maybe asking why has HB studios release The Golf Club again and what is the benefits of this collectors edition, the first swing at The Golf Club didn’t have much to offer in the way of career mode to offer so this time around we have a 5 tier tour ‘Season mode’ giving the fans a chance to be the best instead of just playing individual matches and playlists. The original gave you the ability to create courses, this years version has added even more tools to create, share and even add into tournaments which I will go into more details further down.


The realism really lands in its controls and handling, with each stroke, chip or putt you really feel like your fully in the action with fantastic control and accuracy! The Golf Club is very much directed at the die-hard golfing fans that really understand the game or so it may seem, to be perfectly honest I have never been a Golf enthusiast in any way shape or form but and that’s a very big but The Golf Club really drew me into Golf where PGA (I’ve played it a few time) never did. I still cannot complete a course in under a birdie but that’s ok because I will keep swinging until i get there 🙂

Graphically The Golf Club is lush, the textures are smooth which gives a real feel to not just players movements but also the beautiful background and locations you travel around throughout your experience. Everything feels real even down to the FX sounds as your player smashes the ball down the fairway.

Why buy The Golf Club over PGA? while PGA is a long standing and well established franchise that players have come to know the goal post has shifted through out the years, the latest outing was very much an arcade style game where The Golf Club is a well polished simulator that gives you more options to create and share your experiences with your friends. Giving this they are both 2 very different games under the same Golf roof.


There is alot of narration involved in The Golf Club which is very welcome especially to newbies like myself that need as much help as physically possible, the narration is a little flat but hey its golf game and not a comedy based story so I got over that very quickly.

Longevity has been really focused on with this version, the 5 tier season mode really opens up your gaming time with the collectors edition, creating your own courses and sharing them also gives you more reason to come back for another swing, especially when one of your friends tells you they have created a bunch of really simple courses for me to finally get a whole in 1…I shall not name names but all I can say is not 1 of these “easy” courses where anywhere near simple (with friends like these lol) but I digress I was very surprised with how complex and fun these created courses can be which gave me the drive to make my own!!


The course designs options are massive, once you load up the Greg Norma designer, you can select the simple things like water, hills, trees and bushes once these little details are done then the course is is carved and created into the landscape style you choose, you then move on to selecting how many Pars to include. Fine tuning then begins allowing you to adjust the distance between the green, fairways, water and the rough,  you can then adjust the size and speed to create the difficulty level of your new masterpiece. I was utterly surprised how easy it was to create my course, it only took a few minutes and whalla your pièce de résistance is ready to go out to the masses (no whole in 1s on mine shhhh)

If your the kind of person that really loves editing everything by all means you can head back into you masterpiece and do a little more fine tuning like changing the bank or the depth/hight of a bunker to create more of a challenging course overall.

The Golf Club: Collectors Edition has a whole host of features for you to get your golfing teeth into for around £30, its out now on Xbox One.

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