Get Yer Free Destiny Coins Be Quick!

Yeer Friends! Today is Pirate day….. No really It is

Today is international Talk like a pirate day and Destiny is celebrating this event. Go and travel along to the


Destiny Code Redemption Website

Then go to the ‘Redeem Part’ In the navigation drop down and Enter the code ARR-RRR-RRR and click ENTER.

To get 3 free Destiny Strange Coins. There is no end date on this. But I’m sure this will end VERY soon. So be quick players… I mean Pirates!

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5 thoughts on “Get Yer Free Destiny Coins Be Quick!

  • 20/09/2015 at 8:15 pm

    If you are new to destiny, use these codes on the same page, they can be used by anyone and have no use limit.

    The Taken King Reward Code (Unlocks Emblem):

    01: 3VF-LGC-RLX (Emblem: Insula Thesauraria / Star Antigen)

    Promotional Trading Card Codes (Unlocks Grimoire Cards):

    01: YKA-RJG-MH9 (Class: Warlock)
    02: MVD-4N3-NKH (Class: Titan)
    03: 3DA-P4X-F6A (Class: Hunter)
    04: TCN-HCD-TGY (Fallen: Rixis, Devil Archon)
    05: HDX-ALM-V4K (Destination: Cosmodrome)
    06: 473-MXR-3X9 (Enemy: Hive)
    07: JMR-LFN-4A3 (Destination: The Ocean Of Storms, Moon)
    08: HC3-H44-DKC (Exotic: Gjallarhorn)
    09: 69P-KRM-JJA (Destination: The Tower)
    10: 69P-VCH-337 (Exotic: The Last Word)
    11: 69R-CKD-X7L (Hive: Ogre)
    12: 69R-DDD-FCP (Destination: Meridian Bay, Mars)
    13: 69R-F99-AXG (Enemy: The Fallen)
    14: 69R-VL7-J6A (Exotic: Red Death)
    15: 69X-DJN-74V (Enemy: Cabal)
    16: 6A7-7NP-3X7 (Destination: Ishtar Sink, Venus)
    17: 6A9-DTG-YGN (Vex: Minotaur)

    Reward Code (Unlocks Emblem):

    01: 7F9-767-F74 (Emblem: Sign Of The Finite)

    Limited Edition Hidden Codes (Unlocks Emblems and Shaders):

    01: FJ9-LAM-67F (Emblem: Binding Focus)
    02: JDT-NLC-JKM (Emblem: Ab Aeterno)
    03: JNX-DMH-XLA (Emblem: Field of Light)
    04: 7CP-94V-LFP (Emblem: Lone Focus, Jagged Edge)
    05: JD7-4CM-HJG (Emblem: Illusion of Light)
    06: 7MM-VPD-MHP (Shader: Double Banshee)
    07: RXC-9XJ-4MH (Shader: Oracle 99)
    08: X4C-FGX-MX3 (Emblem: Note of Conquest)
    09: A7L-FYC-44X (Emblem: Flames of Forgotten Truth)
    10: X9F-GMA-H6D (Emblem: The Unimagined Plane)
    11: N3L-XN6-PXF (Emblem: The Reflective Pool)

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