Black Ops III Stats – Non Transferable

David Vondaerhaar of Treyarch has stated recently that the stats accumulated on previous gen consoles (PS3/XB360) unfortunately will not be transferred over to current gen consoles (XB1/PS4)

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Fans of previous titles Ghosts and Advanced warfare, Activision had given the opportunity for players to have their multi-player stats available for use within the same “console family” (PS3 to PS4 and XB360 to XB1). As it stands it looks as though Black Ops 3 will not support this feature meaning that those who planned on buying last-gen on release and potentially moving to current gen shortly afterwards (for example getting a console for x-mas etc) will have to start over when upgrading.

Activision has also not yet announced any plans regarding the possibility of upgrade programs from last-gen to current-gen.

Does this affect you at all? Most of my friends have now moved over to the XB1 with it being out for a couple of years now so I don’t see this being a big problem but I could be wrong.  Is now the time to start weening out last-gen games and focus on the present/future generations?

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2 thoughts on “Black Ops III Stats – Non Transferable”

  1. Sean Dixon says:

    TBF the demo has saved me £50….
    COD needs to stop trying to be other games and concentrate on being COD

  2. Shonuff79 says:

    @Treyarch so all the guys sat around corner camping for Nothing. #lmao @PhillyGuynCC361 @SoldierzthtGame @dlnmanigault

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