MGS V DLC Announced

MGS V: The Phantom Pain creators Konami announced the first set of DLC for their hugely popular game today at the Tokyo Game Show yesterday.

Konami showed off a variety of costumes that players will be able to purchase for the game. Snake was shown modelling classic outfits from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: jungle fatigues, a sneaking suit, and the tuxedo typically available as a post-game reward.


Female soldiers will also receive clothes familiar to fans, with wear inspired by The Boss and EVA.


Finally, horse armor is coming to Metal Gear Solid 5. Snake’s equine companion D-Horse will have two different selections to choose from.


Konami did not announce a release timetable or pricing for the DLC during the event.

What are your thoughts? As long as they don’t make the same mistake with pricing as the craziness that surrounded the last “Horse Armor” from TES: Oblivion! Then cosmetics are fine by me!

Original Source was Polygon for the article, it can be found HERE.

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One thought on “MGS V DLC Announced”

  1. Lukhuta says:

    More games need horse armors DLC. Especially games that don’t have horses.

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