Konami Stops Production On All Triple A Games Except PES

There’s big changes afoot at Konami. The studio has plans for no more triple A titles to be produced there apart from Pro Evolution Soccer and worldwide technology director Julien Merceron has left the company.

It is been said that Merceron has left the company due to his increasing unhappiness at the direction that the studio is taking. This direction is to lead them away entirely from the production of console games so that they can concentrate their efforts and resources on the development of mobile games.

This does have another implication as well. It means that there will be no production of a new Metal Gear Solid game and it would seem that after they have finished work on Metal Gear Online, the separate online component to Metal Gear Solid 5 they will cease to work on the franchise.mgs

Konami will however continue to work on their upcoming title PES 2016. They also own the licence to produce a game for the Euro 2016 tournament so it is hard to see them passing up the opportunity to do something for this.

Problems began to surface at the company earlier this year when Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima left the company amid a falling out with the bosses at Konami. The powers that be at Konami refused to continue to bankroll his lavish productions anymore. It is rumoured that Metal Gear Solid 5 cost $80 million to make.pes

Problems with the business practices of the company were highlighted earlier in the year when the Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei ran an article outlining several practices the company were undertaking. These included making ‘useless’ employees do mind dumbing, meaningless tasks to force them to quit rather than paying them any compensation for firing them.

What lies in store for this once great studio is anyones guess and we will all have to wait and see what the future may bring.

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5 thoughts on “Konami Stops Production On All Triple A Games Except PES”

  1. @Konami Literally, #FucKonami! BLOCKED! http://t.co/nontiz2bSN

  2. @Konami shouldn’t make shit games and of a lower res on x1. Mobile seems about right.

  3. Guy Spaey says:

    @Konami Wauw… That blows…

  4. Cotters says:

    @Konami Wonder whether that will affect MSG V content?

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