Xbox One To Be Fifty Percent Faster With Update?

In November the New Xbox One Experience update is you to be launched on the Xbox One. This is set to include a host of new features and abilities on the Xbox. Some of these new features include the long awaited backwards compatibility and integration with Windows 10. The head of engineering at Microsoft, Mike Ybarra, has been talking about the update in the latest installment of Major Nelson Radio.

Ybarra said that in testing, carrying out certain tasks happened a lot faster and that some “popular gaming features” ran up to 50% faster. It didn’t specify which features this was so we will have to wait and see. Also mentioned was a little hint about new accessibility features that will try to make the Xbox appeal to the widest possible audience. Once again it wasn’t explained what these new features would entail.



One of the biggest features coming with this update will be the integration of Windows 10 with the Xbox One. But the process of bringing Windows 10 to the Xbox has not been a simple matter. It has led a team to create an entirely customized version of the OS for then Xbox One. This OS goes by the name of OneCore.

The New Xbox One Experience update will launch in November for everyone and from this it can be fair to say that there are some surprises in store for everyone.

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One thought on “Xbox One To Be Fifty Percent Faster With Update?

  • 17/09/2015 at 12:30 am

    @majornelson Sounds Good 2 Me, those load Screens are a little tedius, looks like they are fixing up everything Windows10 Nicely!

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