Halo 5: Guardians, Developers Thoughts on the Campaign+ Preview Trailer

Multiplayer in all honor, but one of the things about the Halo universe that grabs me the most is the campaign and the story of Master Chief and Cortana. And from what 343 Industries say, Halo 5’s campaign is not gonna be a push-over.

The one in Halo 5 takes you on an epic journey across many different worlds as you hunt for the truth of it all. Being the biggest in the series so far it has me hyped up. October 27th is just shy of a month away and I can’t wait. With the new Fireteam AI, making you always have a team of Spartans with you, either controlled by an AI or by your friends, it will sure bring a new playstyle to the game. A bit sad that there’s no splitscreen co- op, but that’s something we’re gonna have to live without and instead enjoy the 60fps 1080p gameplay.

Halo 5 Guardians Osiris Warthog

Here are some of the developers thoughts on the campaign and working on it.

Justin Dinges, Campaign Environment Art Lead:

“Halo 5’s campaign is massive – more massive than we ever expected it to be. Not only is the physical footprint of our levels huge, but there are actually seven distinct art pallets across the campaign alone, each with their own sub-pallets of unique visuals. Players are taken all across the galaxy: from snowy mountain tops to mysterious alien jungles. Within these unique locales we have crafted complex layouts for each of our missions, allowing players the freedom to come up with their own ways of playing. In fact, you could replay the entire campaign more than a few times and never have to fight an encounter in the same way twice. World exploration also played a big role in how we went about creating our mission layouts. We didn’t want players to just walk from room to room fighting enemies (although you can do that if you want). We wanted to give players the opportunity to explore and discover new items such as collectibles and hidden power weapons in between combat moments. The addition of Spartan Abilities such as Charge, Ground Pound, Clamber and Tracking let us conceal these things in new and exciting ways.”

Chris Haluke, Campaign Lead Designer:

“When building Halo 5’s campaign, the team set an early goal to have some of the most robust sandbox experiences in any Halo game to date. So, what exactly does this mean? Well, we wanted our missions to have the most weapons, vehicles, enemies, tactical and exploration options ever seen in Halo.(…) Player choice is a huge part of any Halo campaign and with Halo 5, we wanted to expand the possibility space for players. Do you want to play the mission with vehicles or on foot? Do you want to explore every nook and cranny of the environment to discover tactical options and other hidden goodies, or do you prefer to race ahead by taking the most direct path? (…) In addition to solo play, we’ve made online Co-op a priority in Halo 5. Every mission is designed with Co-op play in mind. Environments have been built with multiple paths and varying elevation so that players can support one another in combat. We want to give players the option to split up in different directions and chart their own course within an encounter space.”


Josh Lindquist, Campaign Lead Engineer:

“There’s a mantra in our studio: play the game. (No, seriously: PLAY THE GAME!) Sometimes when things are really busy, the only chance we get to play the game is when we’re testing changes we’re making. You test all around your code, you make sure the thing you changed works, you think about all the things that are most likely to break because of your change… and then you play the game. Not just because of the studio mantra, but also because playing the game is the only way to be confident that you haven’t screwed something up in epic fashion. So you play the game. And sometimes, when it’s late at night and you’ve had a particularly rough day, you forget that you’re testing a fix and you lose yourself in the experience you’re creating. Those are some of the best moments in game development.

This is a story of one such moment.
We all have our pet levels that we know well; we play them so frequently we’ll notice the slightest thing wrong with them. So, one night, I’m testing some changes on Enemy Lines. I know this level. I know the way it plays. Jackal here, two Ghosts there, Wraith dropped off here, these guys break, pursue to here, etc… It’s late at night and I’m a little loopy. I go over to the right and I order Tanaka and Vale to get into Ghosts. Because, why not? I love playing around with our new Fireteam Orders system.

With two of my Fireteam members in vehicles, I send Buck on a one-man mission to take over the Shade turret that’s peppering me from halfway across the board. He starts running, and I start taking pot-shots at the Elite in the turret. I kill the Elite, Tanaka and Vale are off in Ghosts doing who knows what, and Buck finally makes it to the Shade, jumps, clambers, gets in. I start to get a stupid grin on my face. I back into a cave and start picking targets. That Jackal is annoying me. TARGET. A rain of death ensues from the Shade turret and twin Ghosts. Oh, that Elite has seen me and is trying to run across open ground to get me? TARGET. Cue rain of death from the Shade and the Ghosts. I’m starting to cackle now. Here comes a suicide Grunt trying to get me from 40 yards away. TARGET. Rain of death! Holy crap, I’m laughing out loud and wondering if people are starting to stare at me. I don’t care. THIS IS AWESOME!”


These were just some of the thoughts from a few of the developers of Halo 5. Looking at what they think, I must say I really want to try it out for myself. Luckily, I get to play the game later this week at the Gamestop Northern Europe Conference Expo in Copenhagen. For now, you will have to manage with the wait, and here’s a preview of one of the campaign missions. Enjoy, and Spartans, don’t forget to leave your thoughts down below in the required field. Halo 5 launches October 27th, are you ready?

Source: Xbox Wire

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