GTA Online Freemode Events Update Out Now

The previously announced Freemode Events Update for GTA Online is out now on Xbox One. This update feature freemode events such as Penned In, King of the Castle, Moving Target and Hunt the Beast just to name a few. These events will be triggered every 12 minutes in a GTA Online freemode session and if you miss it, don’t freak out you can still spectate the current event until the next one starts.

Rockstar Games said there is over 200 variants of freemode events at launch, including cooperative battles, individual live stunt challenges, free-for-all King of the Hill modes, and challenges tasking you to break speed limits and deal as much damage as possible within a time limit. On completing any of them you will get huge cash and RP rewards, which scale based on how well you performed.

Also in the update is two new adversary modes each with seven variations. There’s the Cross the Line challenges, which have you and your team try to get across the enemy’s line. There is also another one called Hunting Pack which features 2 teams, that sees up to eight. One team has to keep a vehicle rigged with explosives above a certain speed or it blows up and the other has to try to stop the vehicle all together.

Finally this update comes with the Rockstar Editor and new features coming with it’s console launch. If you want to find out the full list of new features coming to the Editor you can do so by checking here. Tell us what you think of this update below, personally I can not wait to get stuck in and play this bad boy. And if you would like to stay up to date with any news regarding Grand Theft Auto V, Online or Xbox, you can do this by keeping it locked with us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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