Destiny: Kings Fall Raid Details So Far

I’m sure if your reading this your probably awaiting the brand new Destiny Taken King Raid: King’s Fall, right!? Thankfully as that day is drawing ever closer more details are emerging.

The details below will outline what we know about King’s Fall so far, including its gear, challenge modes!


These will be the weapons that drop.

Zaouli’s Bane (Harrowed) Hand Cannon, Anguish of Drystan (Harrowed) Auto Rifle, Smite of Merain (Harrowed) Pulse Rifle, Doom of Chelchis (Harrowed) Sniper Rifle, Midha’s Reckoning (Harrowed)  Fusion Rifle, Silence of A’arn (Harrowed) Shotgun, Elulim’s Frenzy (Harrowed) Rocket Launcher, Qullim’s Terminus (Harrowed) Machine Gun

Full details and pictures will be released soon.

Looks like we have some new modifiers to go with a brand new raid!

Not much is known about these yet, but in addition to the level 42 Heroic (hard mode), there’s other “challenge” modifiers.



Raid Armour

The Harrowed set is from ‘hard mode’ and most likely has an increased Light rating, in addition to its cosmetic changes.

Warlock- For the more Light the worms consume, the hungrier they become.

Mouth of Ur

Chasm of Yuul

Grasp of Eir




Darkhollow Mantle




Hunter= “The Dreadnaught is a blighted hollow gouged into our Universe.”—Eris Morn

Darkhollow Mask

Darkhollow Chiton

Darkhollow Grasps

Darkhollow Treads

Darkhollow Mantle




Titan- Show them you can contain multitudes and your interiority will spawn nightmares.

War Numen’s Crown

War Numen’s Chest

War Numen’s Fist

War Numen’s Boots

War Numen’s Mark

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