Star Wars Battlefront. Your gaming will help shape the game

In talks with Examiner, Senior Producer for Star Wars Battlefront Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir talked about the community and their hopes for it.

With Star Wars Battlefront being a fully online-focused game, the online community will decide how successfull the game will be. Ingvarsdottir mentioned that she has two hopes from the community regarding the game. These being that both fans of the franchise and players will appreciate the amount of time and hard work that is put into the game, and also that through playing the game the players will find new ways to do things that the developers might not have considered, pushing the future development of the game in new ways.

“I hope they [community] completely surprise us by playing in a way that we wouldn’t have expected and figure out things about our game that we haven’t picked up on. That will help feed into the development process going forward,”


Also on the list of things to talk about was the Dolby Atmos. She mentioned that working with it has been great and hopefully the players will enjoy it as much as the developers have. The audio-work over at DICE has been of a “very  high” quality.

“Battlefield is known for that, it’s one of the things people pick out for our game every time they talk about it. People talk about the visual fidelity, but they almost always talk about the sound design as well,”

Star Wars Battlefront is out November 17th. Thoughts? Comments? Likes? Leave them down below.

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront. Your gaming will help shape the game”

  1. can’t wait to play that ?

  2. I cant believe its so close to launch. And I get early access thru E.A.

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