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When the world you live in is turned to ash and dust what do you do to find peace? Burn everything to the ground! Mad Max has lost everything he held dear, his family, his car and his opportunity to get away from the terrorized world in which he lives in and to boot he’s managed to make a mortal enemy of one of the most powerful warlords on the block, Scabrous Scrotus (all in a days work)

Mad Max is a post apocalyptic open world in which hope’s and dream’s have gone to be replaced with murder, death and destruction. Max is our reluctant hero in this wasteland of terror, he’s drawn into creating a god like vehicle by his newly found sidekick Chumbucket, this deformed blackfinger see’s Max as a vehicular prophet of his car religion, sent down from the Angel of Combustion to build the ordained Magnum Opus- Your main weapon in this crazed open world! For me this was one of the main highlights of Mad Max, your car is your baby and man this baby has some customization! There is tone’s of options to make this bad ass vehicle your own the way you want it from upgrading it’s defence to body, weapons and nitrous. Everything in Mad Max is geared towards upgrades, even Max himself is upgradable from his fighting moves to how much ammo he can carry!


With all the opportunity to really bring to story to bear in this 30-40 hour game the real storytelling is held back until the near-end, surprisingly though even with the lack of traditional story through out it really succeeds by the closing credits I really felt a real reaction and was pleasantly surprised. Mad Max is all about you progression and taking down the world around you in a blaze of glory, this wasteland is teeming with things to do from taking destroying bases to carnage races. Everything and everyone in this wasteland adds real depth and lore to your tale, it really feels alive with everyone you meet! The wasteland is beautiful in its own ugly incredible atmospheric way, graphically Mad Max is fantastic, when a storm kicks in and rocks, vehicles and people are flying around you I couldn’t help just staring at this chaotic mess in ore- at one point I was heading back to my stronghold when I saw what I thought was another storm acting up in the distance, so me being overly curious I drove towards it, instead of finding a whirlwind of dust and metal I found a convoy of warboy’s instead! (yes I took them all down!) This really opened my eyes up to how much detail has been added in by Avalanche, if it was 1 car in the distance the dust cloud would have been alot smaller, this changed how I viewed each venture into the unknown which really made my play through that much more enjoyable which didn’t help my curious nature one bit 🙂


As I mentioned before the upgrade system is fantastic but also so is the reward system and this is another hook to pull you into Mad Max’s addictive world. There is always something to upgrade with an extensive list of challenges to increase you Legend, the more you unlock the better your rewards can be, your stronghold is a great example of this. If you complete an upgrade for your stronghold it will add a special feature for when you return to base, this could be adding all your ammo back into your inventory once arriving without having to go find more ammo again as it can be a very scarce commodity. You will also earn tokens for completing challenges which you can cash in to Griffa -a wasteland kind of Shaman- this allows you to increase Max’s overall stats. The currency in Mad Max is another addicting aspect, scrap can be found everywhere from smashing your enemies vehicles to pieces to taking down a stronghold, this is the key to making your Magnum Opus the best vehicle in the land. Scrap is also used to upgrade Max’s fighting abilities, body armour and weapon upgrades like his shotgun, all I ever saw in smashing my enemies vehicles is to a pulp was what my next upgrade would be (rewarding in carnage, what’s not to like)


Mad Max’s combat is another slice of the fun that makes this title even more appealing, weather you are behind the wheel of a car or stomping someone head in, there is pure delight in taking on the different war parties of the Buzzards, Roadkill and Scrotus. The melee combat is based on Batman/Assassins Creed style timed-counter moves and executions, the weapons you carry can turn the tide with even the largest host of enemies as well as Fury Mode- Max will trigger an adrenaline boost after defeating a certain amount of enemies allowing you to tear through the remaining host with ease and pure brutality. Behind the wheel the battle can feel a little difficult at times, I found it hard with the controls at first as there is no handbrake , the controls with the car can feel a little too rigid as you turn the vehicle round to reposition yourself, once you get used to how the car works and after doing some serious upgrades the Magnum Opus turns into a wrecking machine, your nitrous is invaluable as you hurtle at your enemy to ram them off the road or even blow them up in one quick boost, your shotgun comes into play  as you grind next to the enemy you have the opportunity of shooting their exposed fuel tank instantly destroying them, perfect for large war parties and convoys. So which ever method of action your engaged in its going to be bloody and brutal every step on the way.


After I completed the story there was sill a ton of things to do an find, from collecting the multiple war party vehicles, completing all the death races, finding and finishing all the special car variants for the Magnum Opus to collecting all the artifacts from before the apocalypse, that is just a few of the things to do and complete in Mad Max which further shows that Avalanche has made a truly grand adventure in Mad Max that looks beautiful, feels raw and brutal and gives you hours and hours of fun smashing the enemies around you and taking down Scabrous Scrotus and all his minions, along with the fantastic compliments of graphics and gameplay Mad Max has to offer it also has some fantastic sound effects, from the roar of you engine to explosion of a car you have just boosted through, sound wise Mad Max is on point and really delivers.

There is alot of positives to Mad Max that will not be ignored, also there is a couple of draw backs, the controls can feel a little stiff when driving the vehicle at times and when your spending 60%+ in the car it can grate on you a little too much. The missions and objectives can get a little tiresome after a while as you take on base after base and sniper nest after sniper nest the rinse and repeat methods can get a little irritating. Overall this title is great, the story even if it really kicks up a gear towards the end will delight, he combat is fast and brutal, graphically its amazing with its dust clouds and real looking explosions and fire, the longevity is outstanding easily around 40+ hours.

Mad max is out now for £49.99 at Xbox Lives marketplace

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