Fallout 4 has over 111K lines of dialogue

Bethesda recently took to Twitter to announce that they’ve finished recording Fallout 4‘s dialogue, with over 111,000 lines, more than Fallout 3 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim combined.


‘Many years’ shows just how much work has gone into making the characters inhabiting Fallout 4‘s wasteland come alive; with your character now speaking, along with your chatty robot companion, this is surely set to be one of the most conversational post-apocalypses yet. Because you can have more than one apocalypse, apparently.

(Thanks, Polyon)

Recently, the XP system for Fallout 4 has been explained some more, and have you checked out our list of the top mods we’d like to see in Fallout 4? You can do so here!

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