Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – MP – Perks

You are probably familiar already but here’s a brief summary of where the equipment and perks are selected and how many of each you can take advantage of. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will feature the return of the Pick 10 Create-A-Class system from Black Ops 2. Pick 10 only features guns, grenade selections, perks, weapons, attachments, and wildcards. Scorestreaks are separate from Create-A-Class Pick 10 menu.

Continuing with our Black Ops Create a Class updates you may have seen the articles covering the specialists, Primary/secondary weapons, I bring to you Equipment and Perks that have been confirmed so far.

Tier/Perk 1

Tier 1

Afterburner Level 1 Thrusters have faster recharge rate.
Sixth Sense Level 1 Displays a mini-map indicator with the direction of nearby enemies.
Blind Eye Level 1 Undetectable by enemy air support.
Overclock Level 5 Earn your Specialist Weapon or Specialist Ability faster.
Flak Jacket Level 20 Take less explosive damage from explosives and flames.
Ghost Level 38 Become undetectable to UAVs while moving, planting or defusing bombs, or while controlling Scorestreaks

Tier/Perk 2



Fast Hands Level 1 Swap weapons faster and aim faster after sprinting. Reset the fuse when throwing back frag grenades.
Ante Up Level 1 Spawn in with a starting bonus to your Scorestreak meter.
Hard Wired Level 1 Immune to Counter-UAV, Power Core, EMP Grenade, and Smoke Screen. Will not trigger proximity based Lethals or Tacticals. Reduce your digital imprint against enemy Tracker and Sixth Sense Perks.
Tracker Level 8 See a digital imprint of enemy footsteps.
Cold Blooded Level 26 Not targeted by ground-based AI Scorestreaks. Immune to Thermal Optics.
Scavenger Level 44 Enemies drop a blue bag when killed. Walk over them to resupply ammo for most weapons, along with Lethal and Tactical equipment.

Tier/Perk 3




Gung-Ho Level 1 Hip-fire your weapon, deploy equipment and throw grenades while sprinting.
Blast Suppressor Level 1 No mini-map signature when thrust jumping. Thruster sound is suppressed.
Awareness Level 1 Enemy movements are easier to hear.
Engineer Level 14 Shows enemy equipment and Scorestreaks. Re-roll and booby trap Care Packages.
Tactical Mask Level 32 Reduces the effects of Flashbangs,Concussion Grenades, and Shock Charges.
Dead Silence Level 48 Players move without making any noise


My choice of perks, Ghost to get away from them UAV’s, scavenger as I like the high fire rate weapons so will need to keep those stock levels up and Engineer, I do love a good booby-trapped care package for those sneaky kills but blast suppressed will be a great shout if you always wall running and jumping around.There are also the usual wild cards where you can double up on perks etc. if you want more than 1 from a particular tier. What perks will you choose? Will you go all out ninja with ghost, cold-blooded and blast suppressor?


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