Blues and Bullets Episode One Review

Blues and Bullets Episode 1

Blues & Bullets Episode 1; You play as the Elliot Ness 20 years later after sending down Al Capone. In this alternate reality, Ness is retired after his time as a detective and now runs his own diner in Esperanza (loosely based on Chicago). Ness gets a visit from one of Al Capone’s men.  After 19 years in prison, Capone has to turn to the one person that put him in jail to help him out. Capone needs help to find his missing daughter who has been kidnapped and he calls Elliot Ness. Yes, Capone & Ness who’d of thought after their history they would be working together or in Capone’s eyes, Ness will be working for Capone in this investigative adventure.


When you first start Blues & Bullets you will find yourself playing a child trying to escape from a locked cell, and this sets the tone of the game from this moment onwards. Blue & Bullets is played in Black & White with only Red being the only colour that stands out. which you will find out during the game play it helps you out quite a lot. It’s not the best game graphically but it is very impressive with what they have achieved.

The Story so far is very good. Considering its episode based, I have to admit these types of game have never really got my entertained me, But Blues & Bullets has gripped me and I’m looking forward to the future episodes. The plot & story is well written but really hard to truly believe what is unfolding. The characters are also interesting as each character has it’s own personality and as you play you learn more about from the past and present.

Blues & Bullets is worth more than one play-through, because you decide on how things to start or end. With the one screen decision making you can change the outcome.


For me there’s a few things that make it feel you aren’t fully in control of the character in the game play. The gun fights are a set path and once your put in to one all you control is aim and shoot, everything else during gunfights are pre-set. Even moving Ness moving from behind cover to a new cover area is controlled by the game, which is a little bit of a let down!

Even the fist fights seem a lack the excitement. As they are all controlled by the on screen prompts. But what ruins it is you have all the time in the world to push the prompted buttons.

I know its only the first episode, but I feel the decisions I have made haven’t really made a massive impact to the story or plot. You are given a prompt to say you have made a decision, but the game lacks the ability to make you feel you made the right or wrong decision. Blues & Bullets is limited on how far you can explore the area you are in with invisible walls and set pathways.


Blues and Bullets is a great game thanks to the unbelievably plot. Some parts of the game are a bit disturbing because children are involved, cults and gruesome crime scenes. Blues & Bullets offer a lot of what other episode titles don’t. But it had the potential to offer more. For the first episode, Blues & Bullets opening wasn’t too slow and you weren’t immediately thrown right in. You get flashing back scenes into Ness’s years as a detective in his prime and it gives you the outline of Ness & Capone’s history.

As a first episode to a mystery series, The Developer A Crowd of Monsters have done a great job. I hope the future episodes can deliver what episode 1 has done.

Blues & Bullets Episode 1 is now on the Xbox Store at the price of £3.99, which is a really good price & Value for money, considering there is a few more episodes to come.

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