Here’s a trailer for Xbox’s most awarded games line-up

Video games. If it wasn’t for video games I wouldn’t be writing this, you wouldn’t be reading this, and no one would suspect the phrase “tea-bagging” to be anything but entirely innocent (fun fact: I managed to miss the precise moment when “tea-bagging” became gaming parlance and had to have it explained. As is evident, it was a conversation that’s haunted me to this day).

Every now and then the release dates for an assortment of games will converge, games that look set to not only improve on the past but strive to influence the titles that will come after them. Judging by Microsoft’s trailer below, it seems we’re very much into one of those convergences.

Gears of War: Ultimate EditionFIFA 16Forza Motorsport 6Fable LegendsQuantum BreakHalo 5: GuardiansGiganticTom Clancy’s Rainbow Six SiegeCrackdown 3Scalebound, Dark Souls 3Fallout 4, and Rise of the Tomb Raider are all featured in the trailer. There are yet many more set for release in the coming months, and there’s the panoply  of indie games too, such an impressive amount you have to wonder – will the next 12 months go down in video games history?

There’s one thing for certain: now’s a great time to be a video gamer.

And if you’re now hopping from foot to foot in a combination of excitement and nerves over when these games are releasing, rest easy! has you covered with release dates up to December.

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