Nova-111 Review

Nova-111 is developed and published by Funktronic LabsNova-111 is a quirky sci-fi turn-based adventure game with an twist of real-time action! Fighting aliens in space for Science

Playing Nova-111 is certainly an interesting process. As you move your little science vehicle along the grid, every time you move to the next space a turn is played. Here is where it is important to understand the turn based system, as you are not the only one on a quest. There are various types of monsters on the quest that are trying to destroy & stop you, how they attack you is also done around the turn based system too. Understanding how that works is key as this will keep your little science vehicle from being damaged or taking little damage as possible. But not everything is turn based, as the environment around you can play apart in your quest. A rock can fall from the top of a cave your passing through and hit you even while you are still, some enemy actions are not turn based either as certain enemy projectiles and bombs will move along the screen in real time. This will have you constantly thinking more and make you develop new strategies on the go.


Your little science vehicle doesn’t come equipped with weapons to start. During your game play of Nova-111, you will find a variety of weapons and upgrades to keep up with the different types of enemies you will encounter along your quest, and different type’s of obstacles. Each upgrade will have a variety of uses and outcomes, how you use the upgrades comes down to creativity and timing of the player. The Beam weapon, not only can be used to shoot an enemy. It can also be used to clear environmental parts too, such as blue rocks that block your path. The Phase upgrade can not only warp you through blockages, but can also boost you two turns in any direction, this does have a big impact on fighting enemies and gives the player more strategic advantage. You also have the ability to use bombs, blasting nearby enemies while also knocking them back a space or two, giving you extra thinking time to plan your next attack. Everything requires a bit of thinking, strategy and timing, but the game is not overly challenging, so missing an opportunity to strike an enemy or taking a bit of damage to your vehicle want change the end game.


Nova-111 is also very beautiful game. The art design is colourful and vibrant, the soundtrack will have you feeling good with a sense of wonder. The Level designs can get a bit tedious at times, but with the colourful & vibrant visuals and many secret areas, each stage has its own unique twist to it. Nova-111 never seems get boring visually. Enemies will look innocent, yet fierce at the same time. Each one feeling just as unique and memorable as the next, you won’t get confused by what each enemy abilities are, as each enemy has its own style of attacking and defending. Whether it’s a up close attack or to staying back and shoot you from a distance. Some will bash you and damaged you vehicle, whereas others can grab you and damaged you vehicle in real time. Others will teleport so quick thinking will be involved to try and eliminate the attack. Another enemy has a kamikaze style attack where it would just explode near you. Each world has its own style and theme to it, these world will offer the player new challenges and learn new skill they must overcome and learn.


But what about the replay value? Nova-111 will offers plenty of things for the player to do other than just making it to the end of each level. There are a lot of collectables to collect along you quest, such has health upgrades and scientists, dotted throughout every world area. There are also plenty of secrets areas. Taking the time to find these secret areas is very rewarding, as they range from little part of the cave that look inaccessible, hiding valuable health and resources, to areas that would otherwise would go a miss, holding a type of chest that will contain anything from a bounty of resources, to a new health upgrade. Should the player go back and collect everything there is to get will give the player more sense of an achievement, Nova-111 has its own type of competitiveness with other players to keep you going. While there is no multilayer, Nova-111 has a global leader board. Clearing a level with the fastest time or with a little moves as possible will leave you with a satisfying feeling by posting your name and rank where everyone can see it.

There are plenty of levels, abilities, upgrades, and secrets in Nova-111 to keep you going for a long time. With its twist on turn-based strategy, it is a game that will definitely have you coming back for more. For £11.99 it’s great value for money. As you can just go out and complete each level as quick as possible or just go out and find every secret area which increase the longevity of the game, but is in the hands of the player.

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  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Value - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Longevity - 8/10


Nova-111 is a very good a turn based game, with that added real-time twist to it. Its a two sided game you can try and be the quickest at getting to the end of the game. Or be the best at finding the extra upgrades and health for your science vehicle.

The game is challenging, but I think some of the task could of been a bit more difficult.

I like how Funktronic Labs have added the environmental feature to it as simple rock falling could be the end of your science Vehicle.

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