Magnetic: Cage Closed Available Today

Available starting today, 28th August, is the first person puzzler from Swedish indie developers Guru Games Magnetic: Cage Closed. Previously released for the PC, it now makes its way onto the Xbox One.

The developers give this description of the game:

Magnetic: Cage Closed is a first person puzzle game where the player manipulates magnetic forces to accomplish their goals. The mechanics are focused around a single tool: The Magnet Gun which allows you to create electromagnetic fields with either positive or negative charges. This power is used to either repel or attract magnetical objects. However, if the objects are heavier than you, you will be the one flying trough the room.

Key features include:

  • Unique Tool: Launch yourself through the air or solve complicated puzzles using the Magnet Gun.
  • Diversity: Each environment in Magnetic has its own appeal, with its own theme and unique feature
  • No playthrough is the same: Each choice has an impact on what comes next. New secrets and paths are just waiting for players to find


Looks fun to me and I’m sure I will pick it up in the coming days. How about you guys? This gives off a “Portaly” feel to it, and since I loved those games, I’m pretty sure I will love this as well. If you feel like waiting, we will be releasing a review of the game soon. Leave a comment down below with your own thoughts.

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