Sheltered Receive’s Substantial Update Through Xbox One Game Preview program

Sheltered, a bomb shelter simulator available through the Xbox One’s early access Game Preview program, Has just received a pretty substantial update. The development team behind Sheltered says this patch brings the Xbox One version up to par with the PC version, bringing a boatload of new features and bug fixes. Here’s the lengthy breakdown of what’s new in the latest update:

  • The Game Over screen will now feature an obituary detailing how each family member died.
  • Cause of death has been added to the commentary panel when someone dies.
  • An information panel has been added to the customisation screen explaining stats and traits.
  • An information panel has been added to the final customisation screen explaining pet abilities.
  • New paint colours have been added.
  • Tool descriptions now state what the tools do (increase fix craft speeds).
  • Books, records and toys will now be stored in the mains storage if they don’t have the relevant storing objects.
  • New backgrounds have been added and previous backgrounds have been upgraded.
  • When the first person dies a tutorial pop up will explain the different options.
  • A tutorial has been added explaining automation.
  • The cat/dog bowl will now have a plaque to make it more visible.
  • The map will now tell you the last time you visited a location when you hover over it on the map screen.
  • A hint will now tell you when there is no water for the shower or toilet when a character tries to use them.
  • Characters become desensitised to cannibalism after repeated harvesting of corpses.
  • Characters can end the suffering of another catatonic character.
  • Other family members can continue crafting objects that other character has started.
  • Binoculars and Metal Detectors are now craftable.
  • Rat Traps are now craftable.
  • Characters now explain why they are unable to use punching bag due to them being tired.
  • Lumber Yard is now a discoverable location on the map.
  • New art for shelter visitor interface.
  • Audio feedback added to notify player that third task given to character is not registered.
  • Various actions now have sound effects.
  • Locations now have their available items randomised periodically.
  • Increased number of scrap yards that can be found.
  • Added sound effect for cycling between characters.
  • The journal will now reflect characters becoming desensitised to murder after repeated killings.
  • Added new background images for the following locations:
    • Bank
    • Lumber Yard
    • FactoryIt’s

Great to see that the team behind Sheltered is using the Game Preview platform to its fullest by pushing out such a hefty update for testing. If you’re taking part in the Sheltered Game Preview, you should be able to grab the update now. If you’d like to take the game for a spin, you can check it out at the link below.

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