Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review

Octodad was born as an independent video game developed by a group of students at DePaul University with many of these clever guys going onto form Young Horses, Inc., the developers of this sequel Octodad: Dadliest Catch. So what is Octodad, well its simple; it’s a physics based game where you control a boneless Octopus trying to keep up an ongoing façade of being a human, because of his lack of bones what you get in an uncontrollable character that bumbles, bashes and crashes through each level with utter hilarity and total carnage.


Octodad is a loving Father, caring Husband and of course a Secret Octopus trying to just be an average Joe and go about his normal life (sorta!). You start this crazy adventure in a church on the way to getting hitched to your beloved wife to be, instantly I fell in love with this game, the utter mayhem you create just trying to get a key in mirror is brilliant, I felt like I was trying to get my key into my door after a drunken night out! as you slowly and chaotically make your way through the church which was made as a very odd yet correct setting to learn how to try and control Octodad, each of Octodad’s tentacles are controlled separately giving you the feeling that I defiantly had too many on that night out. The mission is simple collect your suit, bow tie and hat and start your mad dash to the isle to throw an overly large sized ring (more like a bracelet) on your wife hand and take that mantle of Octodad!


The Physics really make Octodad so damn fun, surprisingly its very intuitive and you learn (kind of) very quickly what your doing, I found myself stopping at a dance floor at one stage and pressed a large red button, the light dimmed and the music kicked in! I’ve gotta say this was some of the most fun I’ve had in a game in a long time, moves like Jagger was an understatement! As you stumble around trying to complete your objectives with Octopus precision the objects start to piled up to the point your drunken stumbles are purely hilarious, grabbing at a door but accidently getting stuck to a chair, genius. Octodad is a fantastic main character full of charm, his jabbers and garbles are translated to random effects that actually work really well in his conversations with his family making it really feel like a crazy episode from Futurama and your controlling Zoidberg, I love how they all go along with it like its all normal, some of the funniest moments are when our beloved Octopus started chatting to himself jabbering nonsense to my utter satisfaction. Graphically Octodad isn’t the sexiest game on the block but its still a looker, even with all the craziness going on there is no issues in graphics that I came across at all!


The comedy value is fantastic but because of this I think the game looses what could have been a very challenging and satisfying game with the comedy adding in for shear entertainment, nether the less Octodad is a very solid game with fantastic physics to give you never ending laughs. Each level consists over new challenges; you’ll go from climbing obstacle courses and using zip-lines to cooking burgers for the kids and making coffee. There is an abundance of mini games to test your tentacle skills, one of the craziest things I came across (There was alot by the way) was the escalator, now imagine you are in control of a boneless Octopus and going up and escalator that is determined to go as quickly as it can, pure hilarious insanity. This title will only take you a couple of hours to complete but the replay value is fantastic, Octodad will be heading to the Xbox Live Marketplace for the 26th grab your copy!

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Octodad is a fantastically made physics game with a lovable character you will have hours of fun playing as, even though Octodad isn’t very difficult the comedy value really shines through! I will be happily going back to smash up as much as I can!

Mike "Nanaki VIII" Riley

Hey I'm Mike Riley, I've been gaming for 20+ years and I'm still loving it!!

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