Madden NFL 16 Review

Madden NFL 16 Review

So It’s a another year. and It’s Madden 16 this time around, we ask ourself what’s different this year from last? Well alot it seems. One thing with EA is that you always know that the graphics are going to be amazing and this year it delivers the goods.

Madden NFL 16 Empowers you to be the play-maker from the war room to the gridiron with a suite of new features both on and off the field it seems, Draft Champions provides a fantasy football draft experience with a Madden slant, While new playmaker tools for QBs, receivers and defenders revolution the passing game we’ve always wanted.


The Presentation… Madden continues to push the envelope in moving beyond broadcast, This year introducing several new cameras, replay angles and on-filed graphics designed to enhance the experience and better tell the story of the game. The most visible change are the new augmented broadcast graphics that display important in-game info, also new elements like virtual monoliths showcasing player profiles and team stat comparisons add a layer of presentation information that has never been showcased before.

Let’s talk about the Gameplay. The most important in any game and thats why your here right? New this year is a suite of options when it comes to catching the ball. Receivers now have multiple options for how they play the ball something that people have wanted for awhile. Players have full control to make amazing plays and experience the biggest ‘Wow’ moments in franchise history. Receivers can now choose from an aggressive catch, Conservative catch or run after catch. A brief explanation of each catch type is below.

Aggressive Catch (Y) – Aggressive Catches are ideal when you find yourself locked up with a defender contesting the ball, When making an aggressive catch the receiver will fight back to the ball and accept a ‘high point’ catch. Aggressive catches are also the most likely to trigger the new two-man catch interactions introduced this year, Aggressive catches can be risky so be careful out there!

Run After Catch (X) –  When making a catch in stride and in open space the best option is the run after catch. You will cause your play to turn up-field and maximize yards gained. Players also get a boost to their ability to break tackles when run after catch is chosen. The downside to it is that defenders coming in to lay a hit can easily dislodge the ball. and receivers going toward the sideline may run out of bounds if Run After Catch is attempted.

Possession Catch (A) – Possession catches are useful when trying to make a grab on the sidelines or when you’re expecting a big hit from the defence. When choosing this option the receiver will attempt to secure possession at the expense of added yards. often going to the ground in the hopes of hanging tight on the ball. The biggest risk of possession catches is that aggressive defenders are playing the ball have a better chance of cutting off the ball and making an interception

The overall feel of the game feels better and just feels more ‘Right’ If that makes sense. One thing EA got wrong in the past was the gameplay in some places didn’t feel as real as it could have but this year they have got it spot on.

As for the Audio the Team at EA has work hard on “Drive starters” and has added more context and story-telling in the game. Every time after changing possession, “Drive starters” will provide storytelling commentary, visuals and highlights of game. They have included more than 200 unique story types and hundreds of commentary improvements, which will give the exhilarating gaming experience.


Lets get down to some of the game modes in the game. This year of course ULTIMATE TEAM Is back once again!

EA have grew this into such a massive success, They seem to make it better and better in my option each and every year!

Once again Build your Ultimate Team with your favourite NFL players from the past and present while dominating the opposition in head-to-head Seasons, Solo Challenges, and more. You can Earn Coins to buy packs through the online store, where you can trade and auction off items on the road to building the Ultimate Team. Engage with the NFL all year-round thanks to live content and service updates in the fastest-growing mode in Madden. New this year are Bite-sized challenges that you can drop into specific situations and challenge you to claim victory with a limited amount of time. For instance, Can you rewrite last year’s Super Bowl, Score a game-winning touchdown against the Patriots? New Ultimate Moments will debut throughout the season, So if there’s a big moment in the NFL there’s a good chance it will appear the following week as a Ultimate Moment this is going be a great experience I feel.

Last year EA introduced an objective list to help players take they first steps in the mode. This year the objective list has expanded, and now includes in-game challenges or completing specific milestones along the way. Solo challenges will now remember where you left off and provide a continue option right up front. No more hunting through a long list of challenge to find where you stopped. Solo Challenges also have greater variety in location, time of the day and more, making them them feel more dynamic and varied.


Draft Champions delivers a new look at a fantasy football draft. Players will be challenged to build a team from scratch comprised of modern NFL stars as well as all-time legends.

There is so much more this game has to offer this year. Such as:

Connected Franchise (CFM) It gets a major new feature this year with in-game drive goals that dynamically update every time you take the field.

The overall verdict is that this game is a must buy for any American Football/Madden fan. It has amazing graphics along with some perfect update on the sound and game-play this year as really impressed me more then any other.

Have you seen the amazing trailer yet? Have a watch.


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