Get Ready For Professional Farmer 2016 And Professional Lumberjack 2016

If chopping your wood and ploughing your fields is your thing then there are two games coming out soon that will have you in a farming frenzy. Bandai Namco has announced that they will be releasing Professional Farmer 2016 on October 30, followed by Professional Lumberjack on November 13 on the Xbox One.

Professional Farmer 2016 is set to be one of the most realistic farming simulations yet and as we know, farmers have all the fun. You can choose a tractor from a selection of official manufacturers, care for it in your very own garage and then take it to the field everyday for a days work.

Professional Farmer 2016 has a large world for you to farm in, with distinct seasons and crops to grow. There is a career mode and dynamic field management depending on the type of grain you are growing.profarmer2

In Professional Lumberjack 2016 you take control of a mighty crew of cutters in an attempt to set up a thriving sawmill and to expand your woodland world while you’re at the mercy of the unrelenting, realistic seasons. the question is, do you know your trees?

To make your business a success you must know and understand the trees and their different needs. This will include knowing what the right tool for each job is so that you can complete your tasks efficiently and turn a tidy profit.prolumberjack

So all you aspiring farmers and lumberjacks out there should fire up your gear and take a seat in your favourite tractors those trees won’t topple themselves and no one else is going to plough those fields for you.

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