Backwards Compatibility Games are now Receiving Patches and Updates

Backwards compatibility on the Xbox One was a major surprise announcement at this year’s E3 Show, literally nobody seen it coming I feel it was one of those great E3 moments people will talk about in years to come…. and It’s been a fantastic success for Microsoft… Even so Phil Spencer has been teasing on twitter we might even see the first Xbox titles soon.

One thing that wasn’t quite perfect with the Backwards Compatibility update was that games didn’t receive updates or patches from the start, some of which really needed them. Thankfully Xbox 360 games are starting to receive updates and patches to make the emulation run a little smoother and provide a better playing experience for everyone. So if you have seen that little update Icon on the 360 game It’s likely that’s the reason

Fantastic News Eh? We think so!

How’s backwards compatibility for you? Great or not?

Do you even use it much? Tell us!

Which Xbox 360 games would you like to see made backwards compatible with the Xbox One? Call of Duty? GTA?

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